League Recap – Week 5

Perth was on track to break some longstanding records for the hottest December days this week and the action on the fields was just as hot as the teams jostled for ladder positions!

Frisbee’s Happening channeled red fire trucks as they came out firing on all cylinders for their rematch against No Probllamas. Dynamic handler movements were plentiful between honey-handlers Geri and Rachel, as they moved disc between themselves before hitting perfectly timed continuation cuts by Cate, Mariah and Kat. There were hammer throws into the endzone by both teams looking to stretch themselves out of their throwing comfort zone and take advantage of the perfect game conditions. No Probllamas’ Rhian tried out her handling skills, showing patience and composure as she threw on both open and break sides of the field. Sophie Kilby was a run through D machine with her ridiculous closing speed and then immediately busting deep causing a bunch of Probllamas for her opponents. Frisbee’s Happening played possession ultimate all game long with multiple back-up catches when the disc overshot the intended target. Frisbee’s Happening had a clean sweep, winning all four quarters and the game 20-9.

Despite the return of the three Chippies from their U22 campaign, Ulti-m8s came out strong, comfortably taking the first quarter. In the second quarter fill-in Ali, like a symphony conductor, took out her coaching baton and started orchestrating strategies together, helping The Chippies to find their groove. Ulti-M8s worked hard to grind it out in the heat, while their captain Jade O’Callaghan was away sipping on Margaritas on a cruise ship, and super- handler Audrey was side-lined with the aftermath of a trip to the dentist. Ulti-M8s fought hard against the Chippies and exchanged points but the Chippies got away with the win. The third and fourth quarters were comfortable wins for the Chippies. Even with Ulti-M8s’, Bina getting open every second pass, Bronte’s speedy deep cuts and Jess’ and Loz’s visionary throws, it still wasn’t enough to beat the impeccable handler forces of Minh, Ali and Reyer and deep threats of Shelly and Eliza of the Chippies.

A huge thanks to special guest writer Audrey for her summary of the Ulti-m8s vs Chippies game.

Stay tuned as next week is the final showdown and will no doubt be an absolute cracker!

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