League Recap – Week 4

It’s Week Four (of six) and for those familiar with Kaos lingo, this is the achievable phase of any sprint set. No doubt teams will buckle down looking to cause an upset in this week’s ladder. Teams were faced with roster changes as Kristin, Nikki, Reyer, Eliza and Bronte to compete at the U22s Championships in Canberra this weekend. We wish them the best as they represent WA!

With three of The Chippies on strike at the nation’s capital, remaining team members Ricey and Minh coughed up some dough to bring in Esther, Kate and B in their rematch against Frisbee’s Happening. The windy conditions and playing savage didn’t deter these seasoned Chippies playing smart zone defense and clinical offense. B showcased her air bending capabilities with beautiful backhand hucks upwind to solid receiver Kate with her height and sticky hands. Quarters 1,2 and 3 were hard-fought however the Chippies edged out in front to secure the three bonus points. Frisbee’s Happening threw caution into the wind to win the last quarter. Rachel baited throws and got pivotal run through D’s. Cate exploited the zone with a well weighted and angled flick to Geri, camped out in the endzone. Frisbee’s Happening played with patience and sudden tempo changes to penetrate the Chippies’ defensive zone. The Chippies proved too powerful in this rematch winning the game 12-10.

There was a similar game happening on Field Two as Ulti-m8s wanted to walk away as victors in their rematch against No Probllamas. The leftie handler duo Audrey and Bina continued to cause a lot of Probllamas with their amazing break throws. No Probllamas were plagued with multiple unforced errors in the first quarter before Sophie emerged from way out of her own comfort zone stepping up to handle and did a stellar job with zero mis-throws or drops. The Ulti-m8s continued their dominance with Jill taking some great grabs with her sticky hands to win the first three quarters. No Probllamas began playing like their normal selves with Chelsea playing epic defense as she hunted down many Ds to tie up the last quarter. The Ulti-m8s achieved their goal winning the game 15-9.

Just two more games remain in this exciting league so stay tuned for next week’s wrap up!

Also, next week is the final week for personal hygiene and toiletry donations to Share the Dignity’s #itsinthebag Christmas Campaign. Many thanks to those that have donated so far!

League Leaderboard – Week 4

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