2020 Team Announcement

Selections for the 2020 Kaos teams have now been completed. Thank you to all the athletes who expressed interest in representing the club in 2020. Unfortunately there was not sufficient numbers for the club to compete in both Division 1 and 2 this year. We do hope to be back in the Division 2 competition in future years. Big thanks to the selectors – Sarah Rice, Ebony Taylor and Sarah Brereton – for volunteering their time and effort to manage a fair and competitive process.

The following athletes will be representing Kaos across 3 events of the 2020 Ultimate Australia Tour:

Annie Jessop
Audrey Chen
Ciara Fariss
Eliza McDonald
Ellie Murray-Yong
Genevieve Woods
Geri Daube
Jade O’Callaghan
Karen Baker
Kristin Chai
Lauren Hoskins
Mary-Jane Rigby

Mariah Smith
May Zinn Yong
Minh Huynh
Molly MacKay
Nicole Maher
Rachel Atwal
Reyer Carpenter
Sabrina Moro
Samantha Chong
Sophie Kilby
Sophie Thompson
Steph Maher

Coach: Sarah Brereton

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