The Club

Kaos Ultimate Club Inc.

Kaos was formed in 2008 by a core group of young women who developed an interest in Ultimate. Their interest has evolved into a passion resulting in representation at the Australian Ultimate Championships each year since 2009 and has contributed to the growth of women’s ultimate in Perth.

The aims of the first team involved the formation of a young, fit team of players who could thoroughly enjoy their time together both on and off the field. Kaos finished 5th from 11 teams at their first nationals and have followed up this result with consistently competitive performances culminating in the first medal-winning finish for a WA womens team at AUC winning silver in 2014.

Several Kaos club members have represented Australia at international competitions for as part of the Under 19s, Under 24s, Women’s, Women’s Masters, Mixed and Beach Ultimate competitions.

For the past 3 years Kaos has stepped out to compete at international tournaments in the USA and Philippines.  In February 2018 we celebrated our 10th nationals season next year and played at our first World Club Championships in Cincinnati, Ohio, in July 2018.

We firmly believe in providing a fun and supportive atmosphere for WA women to develop their fitness and ultimate skills, and hopefully to develop lasting friendships along the way.

Our club values

Spirit: Spirit is the foundation of ultimate. Our teammates and opponents deserve our trust and respect.

Competition: We compete in every point of every game, regardless of scoreline, weather, opponent, stakes etc. 0-0, game to 1, always.

Attendance: We turn up for our teammates.

Effort: Our teammates deserve our greatest effort.

Growth: We are never finished in our quest for learning and improvement.

Inclusion: Our club is a family. Every member deserves to feel a sense of connection and belonging.