Club Awards

The Club Culture Award is awarded annually at the Kaos End of Season Function. The award recognises a club member who exemplifies the Kaos culture and values – Inclusion, support, spirit and a balance of hard work and fun.

YearClub Culture Award
2019Genevieve Woods and Molly Beaney
2018Mary-Jane Rigby
2017Mary-Jane Rigby

The Kaos End of Season function celebrates the end of the club’s major competitive season, held in May each year.

The awardees of the Best Offensive Player, Best Defensive Player and Most Improved player are voted by their teammates on the AUC Division 1 and 2 teams after the respective tournaments are complete.

Most Valuable Player is voted and awarded in the ‘Brownlow’ style, with all team members completing a 3,2,1 vote after each game during the Championship tournament.

Rookie of the Year recognises a player who has made a significant contribution to the on or off-field success of their team and/or the club in their first year with Kaos.

The Coach’s Award is awarded at the discretion of the team coach(es).

YearMVPRookie of the YearCoach’s AwardBest O PlayerBest D PlayerMost Improved
2019 Div1Cate Lansdell & Sabrina MoroThea PulbrookCiara FarissCate LansdellMayzinn Yong & Sabrina MoroJasmine Seah
Sophie KilbyCara BerrymanLisa FinchSophie KilbyAmy LeeEmma Zandi
2018 Div1Geri DaubeGen WoodsSarah RiceEllie Murray-YongGeri DaubeJade O’Callaghan
2018 Div2Sabrina MoroCamilla Sorensen & Kat MetelkovaWhole TeamSabrina MoroJess HoSara-Ann Lin
2017 Div1Minh HuynhMariah SmithEbony TaylorMinh HuynhShani WebbJade O’Callaghan
2017 Div2Sabrina MoroJess HoAudrey ChenSabrina MoroJess HoSophie Thompson
2016Ellie Murray-YongTessa PootRachel DelucaGeri DaubeCasey PeetShelly Liddelow
2015 ASarah BreretonAnnie JessopLouise DelaneRebecca BreretonEbony Taylor
2015 BDeb StaplesRhiannon CoadCate LansdellKristi NgGianna Leone
2015 CPhoebe CahillSophie TaylorSophie TaylorZhi XinEmma Hughes
2014Sarah BreretonRachel DelucaWhole TeamLouise DelaneRebecca BreretonShani Webb
2013Rebecca BreretonLisa FinchSarah BreretonSarah BreretonRebecca BreretonLitani Looby
2012Isobel MacAulayTamsin HearneLouise Delane & Casey MeakinsSarah BreretonRebecca Brereton & Casey MeakinsRebecca Brereton
2011Isobel MacAulayAudrey SipleCasey MeakinsLouise DelaneRebecca BreretonCiara Fariss
2010Sarah BreretonEllie Murray-YongSally RayDanya MeakinsRebecca BreretonSarah McKerracher
2009Bec RutterNat QuekSimone RyanEsther BarterBec RutterSteph Hancock