League Recap – Week 3

The league approached the half way mark this week, and all four teams were keen to secure wins and bonus points. It was another fabulous day for frisbee when The Chippies took on No Probllamas. Both teams were on similar winning streaks – the Chippies with no wins in a row, and No Probllamas with 2 wins in a row.   The Chippies were very much aware they were up against a lot of probllamas, however they were keen to try and carve out their first win of the season. The Chippies set about the first quarter in style with great defensive pressure to get a bit of a head start on the leaderboard. Quarters 2 and 3 saw No Probllamas change their tactics slightly, making everything look like No Probllamas. There were several impressive layouts and HAMMERS thrown by both teams (special mention to Gen and Minh for their straight up outrageous layouts). No Probllamas were back in the game and it was a hard-fought last quarter that saw the Chippies come away with their first win of the season.

Meanwhile on Field Two, the Ulti-m8s threw down the challenge that their three left-handers would cause chaos for Frisbee’s Happening. The two teams tied the first quarter with calm offense, capitalizing on the break side. With their effervescent leader Rachel and speed demon Kat sidelined, Frisbee’s Happening made some adjustments (recruiting Super Sub B) to quickly score goals, taking advantage of Mariah’s height and Cate’s agility in the second and third quarters. The team’s sole left-hander Sophie absolutely dominated her handler debut with her speed, sticky hands and dynamic handler movements. The Ulti-m8s responded with break side combination of Audrey’s precise and polite backhand hucks to well-timed continuation cuts to speedster Bronte. Frisbee’s Happening got creative employing a 1-3-1 “sparkle” zone defense formation. The Ulti-m8s responded with a “We love zone offense” as Jade, Bina and Loz calmly switched the disc laterally and then pierced through the zone to tie up the last and final quarter. The middle quarter domination provided enough of a buffer for Frisbee’s Happening to register their second win ending the game 17-10.

Special thanks to Shelly of The Chippies for kindly providing the enthralling game summary of No Probllamas and The Chippies.

Next week we move into the business end of the league so stay tuned!

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