League Recap – Week 2

The day was hot but the action on both fields was even hotter. Pre-game controversy can make for interesting games as the much loved Kaos veteran, Bec Rutter, was initially picked up as a sub for black but changed allegiances to join the blue team (and spoiler alert wins MVP)!

The Ulti-m8s played against The Chippies in what was a fantastic display of layouts and throws! There were pin-point precision blades and hammers thrown into interesting space on the field. Nikki and Bina happily showcasing their layout form. Q1 was tight and tied with both teams scoring two points each. The Ulti-m8s fired up and played smooth offense through The Chippies’ zone to win Q2. Nikki’s end zone block may have served as inspiration for the Chippies as they won Q3. The Ulti-m8s rallied to win the final quarter and the overall game 17-11.

On Field two it was an intense game as the No Probllamas took on Frisbee’s Happening. The first point was a grueling one easily lasting over 5 minutes and a sign of the game that was ahead. No Probllamas capitalized on consistency with six players winning the first 2 quarters before super sub Sarah Brereton replaced Emma Hughes. No Probllamas made the most of their height on offense with gentle giants Gen and Rhian as well as a great grab up high in the endzone by Neka. Frisbee’s Happening regrouped stepping up defense as Cate scraped her knees on the dry grass and got a hand block. Rachel poached off her player to set up camp in the sideline’s open lane and intercepted a throw to quickly convert to an endzone score. No Probllamas responded with a solid foot block from Sophie as Geri telegraphed a backhand to a very open Cate. The last quarters were won by Frisbee’s Happening, however No Probllamas took the game, winning 10-8.

Stay tuned for all the action and highlights of Week 3!

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