League Recap – Week 1

A stunning spring day and good frisbee vibes created perfect conditions for the first week of the Kaos women’s league. This season is played 5-a-side and sees the introduction of bonus points as incentives for quarter-by-quarter wins.

Frisbees Happening took on The Chippies led by marquee players Rachel Atwal and ReyerCarpenter respectively. The Chippies defensive pressure in zone and match defense saw intercepts by a strategically positioned Reyer and run through Ds by Nikki. The Chippies set off to work winning the Q1 bonus point. Q2 was tied as both teams tightened their defense and played  possession ultimate. Frisbees Happening made some adjustments to win Q3 as Rachel and Geri threw well placed hucks for the safe-as-houses receivers Kat and Sophie. Both teams gave their all and the final quarter was tied with Frisbees Happening winning the game 14-12.

On Field Two there was an equally thrilling showdown between Ulti-m8s led by Jade O’Callaghan and No Probllamas captained by Gen Woods. True to their name NoProbllamas snapped up two Bonus Points edging in front by a point in both Q1 and Q2 featuring precision throws by Anna making defense challenging for the Ulti-m8s. Both teams did their best to break the layout-o-meter with Gen’s signature layout endzone score, Ciara’s higher than normal layout count and Lauren’s almost arm dislocating layout score. Jade turned on her shark mode playing an ultra-heightened heads-up defense and Lauren was catching the disc one-handed like a boss! The Ulti-m8s persistence led to tie in Q3 and banking the bonus point in Q4. The No Probllamas early lead and consistency in the last quarter was the edge needed to secure the game winning 14-12.

Tune in for next week’s wrap up to see if the teams make the adjustments!

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