AUC 2020: Head Coach announcement & Athlete Registration open

b-coachKaos has been lucky enough to secure Sarah “B” Brereton as our (non-playing) Head Coach again for Division 1 AUC 2020!

B is known not only for her elite abilities but her technical understanding of the game. If you haven’t been following- B has played for Kaos since 2009 and played on the Firetails (Australian Women’s team) in 2016. B has also been Head Coach of Kaos Div 1 since 2016, Coached the Australian U24 Women’s team the Stingrays in 2018 and 2019, and Coached Perth Power in the AUL in 2018. What a resume!

Kaos Ultimate Club are committed to further developing our Club culture in 2020. With this comes a strong emphasis on club values and how they will be built into the 2020 campaign. B has been selected because she strongly represents these values as a coach, and we look forward to these values being a key component of her 2020 season.

B’s proudest contribution to Kaos so far would be bringing empowerment and self-confidence to other club members, and says that in the 2020 season she would like to facilitate a team ‘vibe’ that creates a sense of belonging to the club, and more social connection between teammates.

“My athletes will always know that I have the highest expectations of them and the most belief in them.”

The change to the AUC tour format in 2020 creates an exciting opportunity for women looking to become a better athlete, and have an awesome time doing it with Kaos!

Submit your Athlete Registration to play with Kaos 2020 Division 1 or 2 before November 4th:

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