Coach Profiles

Sarah Brereton  

Photo credit: Bruce Huynh Photography 2017

Current coaching role(s): Kaos Division 1 Coach

Previous coaching experience:

  • Kaos Division 1 2016 – 2022
  • WU24UC 2019 Australian Womens Team (Stingrays) Head Coach
  • WU24UC 2018 Australian Womens Team (Stingrays) Assistant Coach
  • AUL 2018 Perth Power Co-coach
  • WA Ultimate Schools Ultimate clinics

Coaching qualifications:

  • NCAS Level 1
  • ASC Intermediate Coaching General Principles
  • ASC Community Coaching General Principles

My coaching philosophy: I want to pass on the best that this sport has given to me – confidence, strength, mad skills, teammates that have become friends for life, and the ongoing joy of playing ultimate.

Lee Baker

Current coaching role(s): Kaos Division 1 Coach

Lee has enjoyed an illustrious career of playing and coaching in Melbourne and the UK, including recent coaching roles with Ellipsis and the Brisbane Breakers in the AUL. Lee’s addition to the coaching team brings a new perspective for an exciting 2023 season and allows us to finally complete the Baker family set, joining our beloved teammate KP and our fitness session running buddies Tom and Alex!

Get to know a bit of the Lee story:

My career highlight has to be 2006 worlds in Perth. As someone who had only been playing for 3 years, I got to play a vital defense and receiving role in a team that won bronze. I have a photo of me catching a goal in the quarter final against a very strong English Clapham team that reminds me of this tournament regularly.

As a coach, what is a personal attribute that you value in your athletes? My most valued off field behaviour is sideline talk. The ability to give to the team and contribute to winning without being on the field is massive.

My favourite potato based meal has to be a potato salad with egg, bacon, and lots of mayonnaise

Audrey Chen

Photo credit: Rimspike 2018

Current coaching role(s): Assistant Coach Kaos Division 1

Previous coaching experience:

  • Assistant coach Kaos Div 1 2022
  • Assistant coach for Discgraceful in 2017
  • Coached various introductory frisbee in primary and high schools in 2018
  • Guest Coach at Kaos Development Clinic 2018
  • Guest Coach at Stingrays Local Clinic 2019

Coaching qualifications: NCAS Level 1 coaching

My coaching philosophy: Give them the fishing rod and teach them how to fish (figuratively). Everything they learn is theirs to keep.

John Damiani

Previous coaching experience:

  • Kaos Coach for 11 years (both Division 1 and Division 2)
  • Sublime Coach for 3 years
  • Disc Graceful Coach 2018
  • WBUC 2017 Australian Womens Masters Team (Irukandji’s) Head Coach
  • AU22UC 2016 WA Womens Team Head Coach
  • WU23UC 2013 Australian Mixed Team (Bluebottles) Head Coach
  • WUGC 2004 and 2008 Australian Mixed Team (Barramundis) Co-coach
  • WU18UC 2008 Australian Mens Team (Thunder) Specialist coach
  • Coaching clinics high school teams in Manila, Philippines
  • Coached various UWA and Curtin university teams
  • Coaching clinics in Bunbury

Coaching qualifications: NCAS Level 1

My coaching philosophy: Fun whilst chasing plastic around.