League Recap – Week 6

The final week and it was a scorcher with multiple days sitting around 40 degrees Celsius. How will the teams cope in the extraordinary heat and the pressure of claiming glory? The ladder was super tight ladder as The Chippies with 23 points edging in front of Frisbee’s Happening on 22 points. Hot on their heels was Ulti-m8s with 15 points and No Probllamas with 12 points. This was the final jostle for game and bonus points to be crowned Champions of the 2019 Kaos Women’s League!

Frisbee’s Happening were dashing in their festive attire opting to match their red jerseys with red shorts and Christmas headgear. True to their name Frisbee’s Happening wasted no time with quick movement capitalizing on their solid connections winning the first three quarters! The air was still and the conditions were taken advantage of as Mariah and Kat stretched the field for well executed throws from Rachel, Kristin and Geri. Sophie was dynamic getting the disc under and then busting to add goal stats! Audrey’s killer lefty flick huck on the break side was simply awe-inspiring. Jill was a cutting machine endlessly providing under and deep cuts to Bina and Jess. Loz, Bina and Jade were content bouncing the disc between the two sidelines and making power plays to speedster Bronte. The Ulti-m8s didn’t go down in the last quarter without swinging and this resulted in a tie denying Frisbee’s Happening of the final bonus point. Frisbee’s Happening won the game 21-8.

The game unfolding on Field Two was full of big plays, high grabs and hammers from two teams that love to get horizontal as much as vertical! No Probllamas’ Neka was huge all game, using her speed with great long cuts, endzone grabs and layouts all around. Rhian taking confidence from the previous weeks’ handling duties punched in and set to work throwing hammers from the Chippies toolbelt. No Probllamas made light work winning the first quarter. The Chippies regrouped and brought in the big guns of Super Sub Sarah B to send the disc and she sure did! Minh pretty much played the game horizontal with multiple big bids and there were many highlights of Shelly’s endzone grabs! The Chippies put in the hard yards to secure the final three quarters and the game winning 18-11.

For those mathematically inclined, you’ve already calculated the Chippies (23+7=30) maintained their crucial point advantage against Frisbee’s Happening (22+7=29) to be crowned Champions for this year’s league! The Chippies went for a clean sweep with their dominance also winning Spirit! It was just as tight for Most Valuable Player as League Director B pointing out the five-way tie for Most Valuable Player featuring Neka, Jade, Minh, Rhian and Shelly! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the players for making this league successful by creating a positive atmosphere each week with the optimal balance of competitiveness, encouragement and supportiveness! Enjoy the festive holiday and see you for a big 2020! 

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