Kaos AUC 2021 Team Announcement

With uncertainties surrounding interstate travel due to the pandemic, it was decided upon to only put forth a Division 1 team this year. It was fantastic to see the number of athletes who trialed in the three selection events – veteran, new and emerging players, which produced highly competitive yet cohesive selections. We would like to thank our three selectors; Sarah Brereton (coach), Sarah Rice (Kaos alumni) and Max Daube (external selector) for volunteering their time and expertise.

The following athletes have been selected to represent Kaos at the State Championships and the Division 1 Australian Ultimate Championships in 2021. Congratulations!

  • Annie Jessop
  • Audrey Chen
  • Ebony Taylor
  • Ellie Murray-Yong
  • Gaby O’Connor
  • Gen Woods
  • Gianna Leone
  • Karen Baker
  • Kristin Chai
  • Mandy Ang
  • Molly Beaney
  • Nicole Maher
  • Paige Maroni
  • Rachel Atwal
  • Rhian Pearce
  • Sam Chong 
  • Sophie Kilby
  • Steph Maher
  • Sue Francoise

Regional Reserves:

  • Eliza McDonald
  • Nicole Seyler

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