Western Regionals Wrap-Up

Kaos Ultimate Club was proudly represented at the recent Western Regionals by 3 teams in the Womens Division. Western Regionals is the WA Single Gender State Championships as well as a qualifying event for teams seeking a bid at the Australian Ultimate Championships. We are very grateful to all of the incredible athletes who represented the club with excellent spirit and skills over the weekend!

Final Placings: Kaos Blue (1st), Soak (3rd), Kaos White (4th)

Spirit of the Game: Soak

Congratulations and thank you to all involved!

Kaos Blue – Western Regionals 2019

Kaos Blue
Genevieve Woods (C)
Jasmine Seah
Thea Pulbrook
Mayzinn Yong
Dominique Elliott
Averil Tam
Audrey Chen
Alicia Lim (VC)
Sabrina Moro
Reyer Carpenter (SC)
Max Qua
Eliza McDonald
Jade O’Callaghan
Cate Lansdell
Sarah Brereton
Mariah Smith
Sarah Rice
Bronte Wearing
Nicole Seyler
Katerina Metelkova
Steph Maher
Lauren Hoskins (Coach)

Kaos White – Western Regionals 2019

Kaos White
Charlene Hwang
Beverly Oh
Roshani Pawar
Cara Berryman
Sara-Ann Lin
Emma Zandi
Molly MacKay (SC)
Sophie Kilby
Ebony Taylor (SC)
Charlotte Delatte
Jessica Ho
Emily Ruitenga
Kristin Chai (SC)
Morgan Koler
Jude Hordern
Lisa Finch (C)

SOAK – Western Regionals 2019 – Spirit Winners!

Mary-Jane Rigby
Mindy Toleman
Bec Lorraine (C)
Victoria Kueppers
Katie Hart
Nastasha Tay
Crystal Peel
Eilish Warnock
Mandy Ang Yi Ting
Minh Huynh (SC)
Ching Ching Lee
Amanda Hooper
Jessica Barnden
Hazel Tan
Rachel Deluca (Playing Coach)
Tamara Goodman
Kester Ryan
Ellen Carr
Ellie Murray-Yong
Anna Haynes

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