2019 Team Rosters – AUC Division 1 & 2

Congratulations to all athletes who attended selection events held late last year. The commitment to learning and improvement shown over just 3 sessions was incredible! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many athletes willing to embrace the new and enjoying their time together. Selections were extremely competitive this season so we thank the selectors for the care they put into making fair decisions and providing useful feedback. HUGE thank you selectors – Geri Daube, Rachel Atwal, Ebony Taylor, and coaches – JD and B.

Please welcome the 2019 Kaos AUC teams:

Division 1:

Ali Lim
Audrey Chen
Averil Tam
Bronte Wearing
Cate Lansdell
Neka Elliott
Eliza McDonald
Gen Woods
Jade O’Callaghan
Jasmine Seah
Kat Metelkova
Mariah Smith
Max Qua
Mayzinn Yong
Ciara Fariss
Reyer Carpenter
Sabrina Moro
Sarah Brereton
Sarah Rice
Steph Maher

Reserves: Nicole Seyler (late trial in January), Lauren Hoskins

Division 2:

Beverley Oh
Bree Macaulay
Camilla Sorensen
Candace Smith
Cara Berryman
Charlene Hwang
Charlotte Delatte
Emily Ruitenga
Emma Zandi
Kristin Chai
Lisa Finch
Roshani Pawar
Sara-Ann Lin
Serena Ho
Sophie Kilby
Litani Looby

Best Wishes to both teams for the season ahead!


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