Teams Announced for 2018

Kaos Ultimate are proud to announce our team lists for 2018.

We received an unprecedented 60 EOIs for this season which is a testament to the recent growth of women’s ultimate in Perth. Thankyou to everyone who has been attending pre-season training and who came down to selections. Congratulations to the 43 players who have been selected for our competition teams.

Two teams have been selected for the 2018 season. A WUCC/Division 1 Nationals team and a Division 2 Nationals team. The full team lists are:

WUCC & Division 1 Nationals
Ali Lim
Audrey Chen
Beth Daviess
Ciara Fariss
Ebony Taylor
Ellie Murray-Yong
Gen Woods
Geri Daube
Helen Epstein
Jade O’Callaghan
Jamie Sng
Jasmine Seah
Lauren Hoskins
Mariah Smith
Max Qua
Mayzinn Yong
Minh Huynh
MJ Rigby
Rachel Deluca
Sarah Brereton
Sarah Rice
Shani Webb
Steph Maher
Yulyn Ng
Coach: Sarah Brereton
Development Coach: Neka Elliott
Division 2 Nationals
Alex Castleden
Ashe Gulberti
Averil Tam
Beverly Oh
Camilla Sorensen
Charlotte DeLatte
Dominique Elliott
Gianna Leone
Jess Barnden
Jessica Ho
Katerina Metelkova
Lisa Finch
Litani Looby
Louise Bowen
Sabrina Moro
Sara-Ann Lin
Sherilyn Tan
Siobhan Papalia
Sophie Thompson
Coach: John Damiani


Enjoy your Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you all back at training on the 9th of January.


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