Kaos Presentation Night

The Kaos Ultimate club held its annual presentation night on May 27. The evening was in celebration of the 2016/17 Australian Nationals season and the achievement of all the club’s players.

The evening was held at the Subiaco Hotel amidst fabulous decorations and delicious food.

Awards were voted on by the players and were presented with much grandeur to the below winners. Congratulations to all!

Best Defensive Player: Shani Webb and Jess Ho

Best Offensive Player: Minh Huynh and Sabrina Moro

Most Improved Player: Jade O’Callaghan and Sophie Thompson

Rookie of the Year: Mariah Smith and Jess Ho

Coach’s Award: Audrey Chen and Ebony Taylor

Most Valuable Player: Minh Huynh and Sabrina Moro

Club Culture Award: MJ Rigby

Thank you to the club committee and volunteers who put on the great night.

For more photos see our Gallery or Facebook Page

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