Rebound WA Coaching Clinic

Wheelchair Sports

Kaos Ultimate were approached by Rebound WA to run a session with some of their younger members through the Melville wheelchair basketball teenage program.

Half the group were very talented athletes, set to travel to Queensland next week to represent WA in the U23 and U25 wheelchair basketball nationals. Ellie Murray-Yong, Sarah Rice and Sherilyn Tan took the players through some basic throwing drills and a few agility circuits before diving into a few games of modified ‘Schtick’ and ‘Hot Box’.

The Kaos coaches were blown away by how quickly the teams scored, despite some unexpected challenges – hot to quickly retrieve a disc from a slippery basketball court, finding a way to carry the disc when you need your arms to push your chair, and the accuracy required to throw to your team mate. We were inspired by the group’s enthusiasm and creativity.

The session ended with some hammers into the basketball hoops, the type of goals the group are used to scoring!

Acknowledgement: Ellie Murray-Yong

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