Spring League Recap: Weeks 1 and 2

About the league


  • Queen Hat league (teams are drawn out of the Sorting Hat each week allowing opportunities to play with new people!). Points are accrued as an individual, so all players on the winning team for a given week will receive the same number of points. The winner at the end of the league will be the player who has accumulated the most points over 5 weeks.
  • Play is divided into 4×15 minute quarters
  • A Bonus point is available for winning each quarter (therefore the maximum available points each week is 8, if a team won the game and won all 4 quarters)
  • Team size and field size is adjusted each week depending on the number of athletes in attendance. This allows us to maximise participation with sufficient subs to maximise enjoyment.


Week 1: September 13th

Our Thursday night Women’s Spring League kicked off on September 13th with 24 athletes in attendance. The leftover Winter weather did not deter anyone with many dirty shirts the testament to a muddy pitch and a game full of highlights! Ciara Fariss and Danya Meakins pulled out the biggest bids of the night, Nicole Seyler impressed everyone with her athleticism on O and D and Ellie Murray-Yong showed that she can indeed do everything by leading the Dark team’s offense in a handler role.


Congratulations to the Light team for taking the win in Week 1. Members of the light team receive 4 points for the win and 2 bonus points for winning 2 out of 4 quarters. The remaining 2 quarters were drawn so neither team receives bonus points for a draw.

Week 2: September 20th

The Sorting Hat continued to prove it’s excellence in team selection with another tight game in Week 2! Scores were even until the final quarter when the Light team stormed home with a dominant 4 point quarter.


With a perfectly still night and a 6v6 format (less players = more space), both teams relied heavily on their long game this week. Mariah Smith set a high standard for work rate on O and D, Ebony Taylor showed off her fitness and versatility contributing to the offense as a handler, primary cutter and deep receiver, and Steph Maher closed out the game with a beautiful grab off a perfectly weighted leading pass.


Stay tuned for Week 3 and a first look at the leaderboard!

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