Kaos Ultimate Selection Policy

Individual player criteria

Player demonstrates the following disc skills:

  • High level of disc control to produce throws of varying shapes, speeds and distances.
  • Ability to distribute the disc quickly and efficiently.
  • Ability to complete passes to a variety of different receivers.
  • Confidence in breaking the marks of different forces.
  • Reliable and aggressive catching in all situations.
  • Effective thrower decision-making to retain possession.

Player demonstrates the following offensive skills:

  • Wide variety of effective cuts in games.
  • Ability to create space for teammates.
  • Ability to generate movement from a static start.
  • Ability to offer well-timed continuation cuts in flow.
  • Strong on field communication ability.

Player demonstrates the following defensive skills:

  • Ability to generate blocks, without causing physical contact.
  • Ability to effectively guard cutters with varying forces.
  • Ability to effectively mark throwers with varying forces.
  • Ability to execute both zone and match defensive strategies.
  • Ability to recognise and minimise threats using good positional awareness.
  • Ability to build and maintain sustained pressure.
  • Strong on field communication ability.

Player demonstrates the following athletic skills/condition:

  • High level of physical fitness that is sufficient for a multiple day tournament.
  • High levels of athleticism, including speed, vertical leap, footwork and agility.
  • Commitment to resolving current or potential injuries.
  • Commitment to following a strength and conditioning program.

Player demonstrates the following behaviours and attitudes:

  • Positive, team-first attitude that empowers all teammates and contributes to a strong, united team culture.
  • Awareness of decision-making in the context of different conditions, pressure and game environments.
  • Excellent field vision and game awareness.
  • Ability to execute a flexible team plan.
  • Strong on field communication ability.
  • Ability to accept and contribute positive and constructive feedback.
  • Upholding the Spirit Of The Game at all times.
  • Confidence, mental toughness and ability to focus.
  • Personal discipline and ability to follow instructions.

Updated October 2019.