Kaos Representation Agreement

All Kaos Ultimate Club members commit to upholding the club values at all times.

SPIRIT: Spirit is the foundation of ultimate. Our teammates and opponents deserve our trust and respect.

COMPETITION: We compete in every point of every game, regardless of scoreline, weather, opponent, stakes etc. 0-0 game to 1, always.

ATTENDANCE: We turn up for our teammates.

EFFORT: Our teammates deserve our greatest effort.

GROWTH: We are never finished in our quest for learning and improvement.

INCLUSION: Our club is a family. Every member deserves to feel a sense of connection and belonging.

Athletes selected for Kaos Representative Teams are expected to actively demonstrate and encourage behaviours that support these values in all team competitions, trainings and other activities.

Any behaviour that is damaging to these team and club values may result in an athlete not being selected for a team, or being removed from a team.