Yulyn Ng

Yulin Ng - Kaos Ultimate Frisbee Club Perth
Yulin Ng – Kaos Ultimate Frisbee Club Perth
Full Name & Nickname Yulyn Ng (Yulz)
Kaos Player Number 73
Date of Birth 12/12/1995
Year you started playing frisbee 2016
How did you start playing frisbee? UWA Monday night socials
Which of these years have you played AUC with the Kaos Club 2018
Have you played Ultimate frisbee overseas? List the tournaments & countries AOUGCC 2017 @ Manila, Philippines
What is your Day job / What are you studying? include a link if you like Currently doing honours in Psychology at UWA
Height 153
Left or right handed? Right
Prefer Defense or Offense Offense
What is your primary “role” on Kaos? cutter / receiver
Favourite Food There’s too many!
What is your lifetime frisbee goal? To keep loving & playing Ultimate!
What do you love about playing Ultimate frisbee? The great spirit & community! But most of all, the friends I’ve made through this sport πŸ™‚
Why did you choose to play for Kaos? I believe Kaos is a team that can help me develop as a player and push me to achieve my highest potential. The club is filled with great people who I look up to that are really passionate about the sport πŸ™‚