Sophie Thompson

Sophie Thompson - Kaos Ultimate Frisbee Club Perth
Sophie Thompson – Kaos Ultimate Frisbee Club Perth
Full Name & Nickname Sophie “Saucy” Thompson
Kaos Player Number 82
Date of Birth 27/04/1991
Year you started playing frisbee 2017
How did you start playing frisbee? Hearing awesome stories from Ebs!
Which years have you played AUC with the Kaos Club 2017, 2018
Have you played Ultimate frisbee overseas? List the tournaments & countries 2017 AOUGCC in the Philippines
Day job / studying? Geologist
Height 168cm
Left or right handed? Left
Prefer Defense or Offense Offense
What is your primary “role” on Kaos? Still learning new skills and where I fit best in the team.
Favourite Food Pizza!
What is your lifetime frisbee goal? Catching a Callaghan to win the game!
An accomplishment you are proud of: Completing the Rottnest channel swim.
What do you love about playing Ultimate frisbee? The amount of skill and strategy that I had no idea was involved until I started playing!
Why did you choose to play for Kaos? I wanted to keep getting to know and learn from the amazing women who welcomed me into the club with massive smiles and a huge willingness to share their knowledge, experiences and tips!