Siobhan Papalia


Full Name & Nickname Siobhan “Scotch” Papalia
Kaos Player Number 15
Date of Birth 15/08/1989
Year you started playing frisbee 2013
How did you start playing frisbee? roped in by a friend at uni who needed an extra girl for a lunchtime league
Which years have you played AUC with the Kaos Club 2015, 2016, 2017
Have you played Ultimate frisbee overseas? List the tournaments & countries Kaimana Klassic Hawaii USA 2015
AOUGCC Philippines 2017
Day job / studying? Science Teacher at Shenton College
Academic at Western Sydney University
Tutor with Ronald McDonald House
Science Communicator at SciTech
Height 158cm
Left or right handed? Right
Prefer Defense or Offense Defense
What is your primary “role” on Kaos? Utility/handler
Favourite Food All food
What is your lifetime frisbee goal? complete a greatest
An accomplishment you are proud of: Dancing for the Queen and Royal family
What do you love about playing Ultimate frisbee? The culture surrounding the sport! Everyone is supportive and pushing each other to do their best, whilst having fun. The emphasis on spirit of the game and sportsmanship is amazing and so important in maintaining the fun social competitive atmosphere.
Why did you choose to play for Kaos? It was the only women’s club active when I moved to WA