Minh Huynh

Minh Huynh - Kaos Ultimate Frisbee Club Perth
Minh Huynh – Kaos Ultimate Frisbee Club Perth
Full Name & Nickname Minh “Minja” Huynh
Kaos Player Number 25
Date of Birth 23/06/1978
Year you started playing frisbee 2000
How did you start playing frisbee? Pickup games during summer scholarship in Canberra
Which years have you played AUC with the Kaos Club 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Have you played Ultimate frisbee overseas? List the tournaments & countries USA, UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, France, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Day job / studying? I’m an astronomer!
Height 5’0 (in shoes)
Left or right handed? Right
Prefer Defense or Offense Offense
What is your primary “role” on Kaos? Handler
Favourite Food Thai, ice cream
What is your lifetime frisbee goal? Represent Australia at Worlds (done!). Make the finals at Nationals and then play a kickass game (not sure if 2003 counts here).
An accomplishment you are proud of: Personal: successful career in science, and I put a ring on it. Frisbee: proud to have developed into a key handler for my team, and make regular layout D’s.
What do you love about playing Ultimate frisbee? Players are responsible for spirit of the game. Maintaining fitness and making big plays. Making lifetime friendships.
Why did you choose to play for Kaos? Fun and competitive team! Friends who push and support me to be better. And as much as I grumble about Tues night workouts maintaining fitness is great.